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Antonia (Tonny Timmermans) is based in Amsterdam.
Her illustrations are paper-collages; cut and pasted by hand only. Her work always has a sense of humor in an elegant way, is mostly high-end fashion themed and often contains some surrealistic elements.
Antonia  works with editorial work which is monthly produced by (fashion)magazines. These pictures are an inspiration source for Antonia. By re-using parts of the pictures, making her own mix, she creates her ANTONIAcollages.

-Handcut paper-collages for print. Freelance work for Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, L’OFFICIEL etc.

-Illustrations for the Book “Mode de Musical” by Piet Paris for the exhibition at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht, 2015.

-Interview with ANTONIAcollages by Georgette Koning of the Independent Fashion Daily.

-Solo; Hotel Modez Arnhem, 2014

-Group; DOC-Art ROC West Brabant, 2007.